October 25, 2016
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Securanix offers Vulnerability Testing, Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Testing, Network Hardening and Executive Security Seminars

Need to improve or verify your level of network security?

Our experienced Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) will deliver the results you need.

Securanix was founded in 2001 with a singular purpose - to help organizations improve network security. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, we deliver certified security experts who have many years of experience in network security auditing, training, consulting and assessment services.

Our services include vulnerability testing, penetration testing, security reviews, executive security seminars and more.

Using industry-standard best practices, Securanix is able to test for thousands of published vulerabilities and problems. The result of this testing is a comprehensive report that details problems found and suggested solutions.

Our clients include:

  • Insurance company
  • Home Healthcare Agency
  • Educational Institution
  • Certified Public Accountant

Contact us today to request a FREE quote for a network security assessment. See how easy it can be to improve your network security.

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